About Aftermath
About Aftermath

Guild website -- http://aftermathkt.dkpsystem.com

Aftermath is former progression oriented raiding guild located on the US PvP Server Kel'Thuzad (MST). The guild was founded at the start of The Burning Crusade by a group of friends who have played and raided together for over 8 years. We pride ourselves on exceptionally stable leadership.

With the release of Legion, we have scaled back, and will be focusing mainly on Heroic progression.

The raid schedule is: 7:30PM-11:00PM MST on Tuesdays & Thursdays. We do not extend past our allotted hours except under the most exceptional of circumstances (absolutely positive we'll get that first kill on our next pull) as many of our members cannot afford to be too tired for work or school the next day.

Last Modified: 9/26/2016 2:07pm
Contributors: coreless, Kaelen, garkim
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BBCode Link: [guide=about]About Aftermath[/guide]
URL: http://aftermathkt.dkpsystem.com/guide/about
Recruitment Info
Aftermath is a Casual raiding guild now. If you are interested in joining us, read the About Aftermath page (link above) and contact Naturesgift, Kameria or Garkim for a guild invite.
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